March 13th - 15th, 2020 Orlando - Florida
March 13th - 15th, 2020 Orlando - Florida
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Whether you are an established mission-driven entrepreneur, just starting out or unsure of what you want to do with your life... whether you generate six (or seven) figures a year, or have yet to earn your first dollar in business - The Powerful Living Experience Live 2020 will give you absolute clarity on what you want to create in the next year, how you're going to accomplish it, and the tools to ACTUALLY do it.

Join David, his trainers and 1000 mission-driven entrepreneurs committed to making 2020 the year that their businesses and lives takes the quantum leap to the next level. Spend 3 days developing the mindset and mastering the tools, tactics and strategies to build a multiple 6-figure or 7-figure business while living a life of freedom, impact, meaning and joy. 

What would your life and business look like if you could permanently eliminate the stress, anxiety, overwhelm and self criticism that has been stealing your time, money, vitality and dreams?

The Powerful Living Experience Live is the premiere event for entrepreneurs who want to live a powerful and authentic life and to truly HAVE IT ALL.  Unlike most seminars, PLE is a hands-on experiential event that creates massive sustainable change in the velocity of your business, and in YOU. In 3-days you will literally transform the way you think about your business, money, relationships, customers, your industry and yourself so that you can have absolute clarity and unshakeable confidence in everything you do in your business and life.
David's unparalleled mix of personal development, psychology, neuroscience and spirituality in tandem with advanced entrepreneurial business tactics and strategies will open up spectacular new realms of possibility for your business, your relationships and your life.  Your business is an extension of YOU, and at The Powerful Living Experience you will access the perfect combination of Mindset & Mechanics, that will bring the resources and action plans to accomplish your mission and WIN in life and business with no sacrifices.

Join David and a tribe of fearless mission-driven entrepreneurs who are building a community of excellence, mastery, connection and contribution. Don't wait to long, your time is now! This is the reason why you are here ... now is the time for action!

Here's just a small taste of what you'll discover at THE POWERFUL LIVING EXPERIENCE:
  • Get absolute clarity about what you want to create, how you’re going to accomplish it, and the tools to actually do it.
  • Add multiple 6-figures to your business in 12 months and transform your annual income into monthly income.
  • Advanced trainings from guest speakers on various critical topics of business mastery (pricing, messaging, product and program development)
  • Discover the fastest, most powerful method for creating immediate transformation, changing the way you think, and rewiring your brain.
  • Master the invisible forces that drive all human behavior so you can create an extraordinary life for yourself and those you love.
  • Learn how to have success while staying connected to the journey of your life, and present for the people you love.
  • Eliminate the limiting beliefs, self-criticism and negative patterns of thinking that are preventing you from taking your business to the next level.
  • Learn  the 6 keys to Business Mastery and building a highly profitable and scalable impact-oriented business.
  • Develop an INVINCIBLE mindset and permanently eliminate the stress, struggle and overwhelm that's stealing your income, joy and dreams.
  • Discover how to compress time and accomplish what would take most business owners 3 to 5 years in just the next 12 months
  • Fully and consistently align your thoughts, emotions and actions with the extraordinary vision you have for your life.
  • Master the art and science of RELATIONSHIP and become a powerfully influential leader in your work, family and community.
The Business of Living is the Most Important Business in the World
The Business of Living is the Most Important Business in the World
Are you living a purpose-driven life? Is your business a natural extension of the person you've become and a symbol of the stand you've taken in the world? 

Are the lines between your work life and home life, your passions and projects, your contribution and community blurring into a new kind of living?

Life as a mission driven entrepreneur is the most dynamic, complex, exciting, confusing, exhilarating and draining calling that exists. 

Our success or failure, our prosperity or scarcity, our impact or our overwhelm is not so much determined by the tactics, mechanics or strategies that we employ in our businesses, but by the MINDSET that we bring into our mission.

It's not what you do, but who you become, that determines the impact, influence and income you ultimately create. 

Hidden within the most successful entrepreneurs in the world is a single differentiating force that is the cornerstone of all great achievement - an invincible mindset.

The Powerful Living Experience is an extraordinary 3-day event designed to help you break free from the stories and limitations of the past and empower you to master the principles necessary to create extraordinary results in your business, finances, relationships, health and life. 

Learn how you can surpass your own limitations to create an integrated life where you can truly have it all - the contribution that you dream of making in the world, and the time, freedom and flexibility to enjoy your creation with the people that you love. 

Learn what it takes to truly create a POWERFUL LIVING EXPERIENCE.
David Bayer is a personal development coach, entrepreneur, business strategist and creator of The Powerful Living Experience Live. David teaches entrepreneurs how to intentionally create a "Mission-Driven Life" that allows them to massively grow their income, impact and influence while consciously designing a life that provides the freedom, flexibility and time to truly enjoy the journey. 

David's program, Mind Hack Online, and his proprietary transformational framework helps individuals hack their minds and rewire their brains in order to create a Limitless life.

After having created multiple 7-figure businesses, David experienced an early stage burnout in his life. What emerged from that experience was a decade-long search to understand how to create an integrated life of both success and fulfillment. 

David's immersion into psychology, neuroscience, quantum theory, metaphysics, personal development and spirituality resulted in the development of a powerful and practical system for empowering mission-driven entrepreneurs to break through to their next level of greatness while having even more time, joy and freedom and to have it all.

The Powerful Living Experience Live is a 3-day immersive experience which provides the ultimate blueprint for designing an extraordinary human experience. 

By bridging the gap between science and spirituality and teaching entrepreneurs and individuals both the mindset and mechanics of building a successful business, PLE unlocks the powerful forces trapped within the mind, body and spirit in order to breakthrough to the next level of business, relationships and life.

There is an easier, more effective way to HAVE IT ALL without sacrificing your life, and David's mission is to provide you the exact teachings, action plans and breakthroughs to make it happen for YOU!
Imagine having a trusted friend, colleague or partner there to share the transformation and personal evolution promised by the Powerful Living Experience Live. What would it look like if you and those closest to you could level up in all areas of your lives? 

What could be possible if you created your own team of unstoppable support, creativity and inspiration so you could consciously create relationships that fuel your success and fulfillment? There’s nothing more powerful than a community of connected minds...

Which is why we are taking the extra step to make it possible.
Reserve your seat today for The Powerful Living Experience Live and you'll get a complimentary ticket to bring a friend!

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If you’re ready to raise the bar in your life and in your business… If you’re ready for life changing BREAKTHROUGHS, AND WANT TO DISCOVER HOW TO MASTER YOUR MIND AND YOUR BUSINESS AND CREATE BIG IMPACT and BIG INCOME… THE POWERFUL LIVING EXPERIENCE is the event where it all starts.

SEATING IS LIMITED, so grab your ticket while they last and join hundreds of highly successful mission-driven entrepreneurs for this extraordinary event that will TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE AND BUSINESS FOREVER.
Thursday, March 12th 2020

4:00PM - 5:30PM   Registration (come early to avoid long lines the next day)

5:30PM - 7:30PM 
Bonus - Private Business Mastery Session (only for those who stay at the host event)
Friday, March 13th 2020
7:00AM to 10:00AM: Registration

General Session

9:00AM to 10:00PM

What's holding you back from showing up day in and day out tuned in and tapped in to the power, the gifts, and the resources within you? 

Who have you been and who do you need to be in order to make the contribution, the impact and the income that you want to make in the world? 

What aspects of your mind and emotions have you not yet mastered that can propel your life and your mission forward? 

On day 1 you’ll develop a truly invincible mindset and permanently eliminate the negative self-talk, limiting beliefs and self-criticism that have been the REAL and ONLY reason for the stress, struggle and lack of explosive growth in and around your business. 

You will break through the barriers that have been preventing you from creating the big vision you have for your business and life. 

You will create everlasting change in your psychology and fully align your thoughts, emotions and actions with the business and life you want to create.

Saturday, March 14th 2020
8:00AM: Exhibit Hall Open

General Session
9:00AM to 10:00PM

On Day 2 you'll learn how to align your thoughts, emotions and actions with the advanced strategies and tactics you need to maximize customers, profits and growth in your business.

What if you could program yourself with the qualities and characteristics that were in perfect harmony with the life and business you wanted to create?

What would it look like to have absolute clarity and confidence without the doubt and internal conflicts AND the tools to rapidly grow your business to 6 or 7 figures?

You would become UNSTOPPABLE.

On Day 2 you’ll learn the organizational and planning strategies of the world’s most effective and successful entrepreneurs so you can shortcut the usual business development process and accomplish what would take most business owners 3 to 5 years in just the next 12 months. 

You will end the indecision and procrastination cycle that is stealing your income and dreams while learning the business tactics and tools to create rapid, sustainable, scalable growth in your business. 

Sunday, March 15th 2020
8:00AM: Exhibit Hall Open

General Session

9:00AM to 8:00PM
 8:00 PM VIP Exclusive Party

Imagine that fear was no longer a factor in your life. 

What would it look like if you knew that life was always working for you and that everything you ever wanted in terms of your mission, passion and purpose came down to serving the present moment? 

What if moment by moment you instinctively found the gift and the blessing in every moment, challenge and experience?

On Day 3 you’ll master the one thing that determines the extent to which your business growth is sustainable over the long term – RELATIONSHIPS. 

By learning how to master relationship, you’ll shift from reacting to your circumstances to consciously and powerfully RESPONDING to every experience and individual in your life, so that your actions are completely congruent with your values and your vision. 

Day 3 provides you the ultimate blueprint for achieving a quantum leap in personal and professional growth and a scientific and spiritual system for having A POWERFUL LIVING EXPERIENCE.
David's Powerful Living Experience Team is happy to answer any questions you have about the event or registration. Our goal is to support you in your personal and professional evolution by making The Powerful Living Experience an event you will never forget. 

Call us at (407) 512-9997  or email us at

If you are ready to change your life, your business and your relationships ...The Powerful Living Experience is the place to do it...If you have more questions about the event, please reach out to us here.
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